Strategic IT services — from the cable to the cloud

Innov8 provides strategic IT services for the effective and sustainable use of current and emerging technologies.


Are you ready to bridge the gap between business challenges and technology innovation, but don’t know when or where to start?Are you struggling to identify the right combination of technology strategies, solutions, processes and resources to meet your customers’ business needs?

And with the uncertainty in today’s economic climate, combined with the persistent challenges of delivering quality outcomes for your customers, will a new partnership really help you achieve any of this?

Challenge Innov8, and we’ll show you how

By partnering with Innov8 you get access to IT consulting skill-sets to supplement your internal teams. And you get neutral, pragmatic and experience-based advisory services, tailored to meet your needs.

Innov8 is agile, well and truly able to tackle issues that require a new approach or new way of thinking. We’re not afraid of challenging the norm.

When you work with Innov8, you work with a team intently focused on:

  • enabling you to meet business challenges with technology innovation
  • facilitating change and improvement in risk management, business continuity, regulatory compliance, service delivery and corporate profitability
  • ensuring your technology is a sustainable catalyst to attain your stated business goals.

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Put yourself ahead of the pack

Innov8 takes the time to understand where you and your market are headed so we can provide the innovation required to set you apart from the pack.

  • We help you bridge the gaps between stakeholders to promote successful outcomes.
  • We work with your vendor and integrator account teams to ensure your projects deliver true business value.
  • We provide expertise and practical guidance to deliver the best balance between business need, technical soundness and commercial viability.
Let’s discuss how we can work together to make sure your information technology delivers the best value for your business.