Case study: New health data centre

This hospital was undergoing a $1b+ redevelopment project to consolidate 53 outdated buildings into a purpose-built Health Care Campus.

They were seeking a partner to design and construct a turnkey data centre facility. They expected the new data centre to maximise the use of available space, provide a resilient design, ensure the facility is as efficient as possible, and accommodate the need for scalability without downtime.

The construction of the data centre space in the core building was to comprise the following dimensions and scope:

  • Minimum floor area of 160 m²
  • Minimum floor to ceiling height of 3000 mm
  • False floor space (with removable access panels)
  • Sealed, antistatic internal surfaces
  • 2-hour fire rating
  • Dual redundant perimeter air conditioning for continued operation, all year round
  • VESDA smoke detection
  • Gas suppression system
  • Access control and intrusion detection
  • Redundant UPS equipment power (centralised)
  • Access hoist
  • Lighting

Innov8 was engaged at the discovery phase to work on the solution options and then took a governance role during the design and implementation phases.

Innov8 helped develop a detailed design and construction proposal for a fully functioning data centre. We undertook a review of the requirements from the functional brief and the responses to the questions, and looked at the existing site layout as part of the site visit.

With some minor alterations, and the choice of innovative racking, power and cabling solutions, the data centre could be designed and constructed in an innovative way. In order to demonstrate our initial design concept we created a series of 3D snapshots of how the data centre could be laid out.

Image of concept diagram


Image of concept diagram


Image of a conept diagram

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