Collaboration and communication

Make it easier for your people to communicate and share knowledge. Innov8 understands how to make the most of your networks so your people can easily connect and work together.

The evolution in unified communications, and collaboration technologies and services, brings significant opportunities for your organisation.Image of devices

  • For the way you interact internally.
  • For the way you interact with your clients and suppliers.

But the days of being an early adopter of these technologies have passed.

Unified communications and collaboration technologies have become standard business communication tools.

The challenge, now, is for your organisation’s leaders and managers to focus on how to make the most of these technologies to realise business benefits.

There are three areas you must consider for any enterprise-level unified communications and collaboration initiative:

  1. What are the potential cultural changes required and what will the implications be?
  2. Which are the most appropriate processes that can easily be migrated to the tools? And which are the least appropriate?
  3. What existing technologies are able to be connected to your physical collaboration spaces?

With these in mind, where is the logical place for you to start your organisation’s unified communications and collaboration journey?

Here’s how Innov8 can help you

Innov8 is expert in understanding the business implications of adopting unified communications and collaboration solutions.

Our mantra is to make it easier for your people to work in unison with their colleagues, suppliers, partners and customers.

We work with you to identify the most appropriate technologies, the impact on business processes and the communications changes required to make these projects a success.

Innov8 uses an open partnering approach that engages all parties involved in the decision-making and scoping of these projects.

That means we’ll work with you to engage in-house resources, strategic vendors, systems integrators and communications suppliers, playing to relative strengths and mitigating the risks in areas of weakness.

By working in partnership with the key stakeholders and end users, we’ve seen dramatic increases in the adoption of these technologies, as well as successful changes to the business processes.

Innov8 has conducted numerous unified communications and collaboration projects. So much so, we’re often technology advisors or virtual CTOs for our clients, providing the information needed to make the business decisions needed.

Find out how to make the most of your networks and get your people connected.