Data centre infrastructure

Harness the power of virtualisation, automation and the cloud. Innov8 shows you how the data centre could become your organisation’s beacon for efficiency, accuracy and data mobility.

Image of doors of opportunityThe rising demand for information processing is increasing the demand for data centre services.

And your data centre is at the core of your business — today and for the foreseeable future.

But your data centre costs are putting pressure on your operating budget.

Energy costs are increasing rapidly. Space management is critical. Increased security is imperative. New technologies need to be implemented. Regulatory and environmental changes must be complied with.

You know it’s critical your organisation is able to:

  • manage growth and stay competitive
  • lower costs and protect investments
  • enhance performance and availability while reducing your carbon footprint.

So efficiency is key to making sure your data centre meets service levels and budget constraints.

What’s more, it’s necessary to align sustainable information technology to your corporate sustainability objectives.

Here’s how Innov8 can help you

Innov8 focuses on your strategic plans and tactical programs for data centre services, and we help you align them with your strategic and tactical business needs.

Innov8 has the capabilities to develop plans for optimising your data centre, from discovery to design, into implementation and ongoing operations. We focus on all aspects of the transformation — operations, business and technology — using proven templates and frameworks.

Innovative thinking, blended with experience and expertise in current and emerging technologies as well as the economics of IT, means Innov8 can help you become more responsive to changes in the local and global business climates.

We can help you to:

  • understand your existing infrastructure, map your business requirements, and clearly define what you need from a new or updated data centre
  • look for ways to reduce your operating risks, achieve business continuity goals and impose data mobility by having an agile data centre, which can reduce operating expenses
  • design and manage a complete and unified view of your data centre — the technology, people and processes — to deliver a comprehensive solution which responds to the ever-changing business environment.

Our data centre services include:

  • exploring a virtualised platform for all your data — structured and unstructured — to create a single, agile platform to help satisfy the data centre’s voracity for generating, sharing, retaining and accessing information
  • looking at cloud computing as a possible answer to keep you abreast of data growth and reduce spending on your data centre
  • helping you with sustainability: efforts that increase the useful life of IT systems and reduce their environmental effects, while delivering cost benefits to the business.

With data centre transformation, you’re able to swiftly and effectively respond to the needs of the organisation. This increased agility is founded on nimble and cost-efficient IT operations that are aligned with business objectives.

All of which increases the value of IT to your organisation.

Find out how the data centre could be your organisation’s beacon for efficiency, accuracy and data mobility.