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Image of collaboratingThere are three areas that you must consider in any enterprise collaboration initiative.

  • What are the potential cultural changes required ad what will be the implications.
  • What are the most and least appropriate processes that can simply be migrated to collaboration tools.
  • What existing technologies are able to be connected to your collaboration spaces.

In our opinion the major cultural change will be that if an organisation is looking to utilise collaboration tools, they will also need to move to a leadership style of corporate mentoring and skills management,  rather than the traditional command and control mode of management.

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With this in mind, we propose that the logical place to start your organisations collaboration journey, is in the  area of new product generation or the Innovation and Ideas team.

There are numerous reasons why you would start here;

  • the most logical being that there are less regulatory and compliance issues at this end of the organisation , and the risk corporate profile is much easier to define and control.
  • you can use this approach to gather built up internal business needs and/or solicit input on the way the organistion adapts itself.

Often over looked but possibly the next logical place for your collaboratton tools is in how you train your staff; on new proccesses, skills and education or even how you induct new hires or location changers into the business.

If your organisation has a large number of interstate or overseas travellers a simple but very effective use will be for capturing local knowledge airport fares food hotels scams the list is endless but having a enterprise lonely planet guide becomes invaluable.

We are sure you will find other areas to start you collaboration journey

The Innov8 Team

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