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Thanks for all your support of David and My Cisco I-Prize idea.  Now that the winner has been announced we thought it was time to update you on the status of our idea. As most of you are aware, we made the final 9 and were not announced as the winners. It is appropriate to explain that after lengthy discussions with the Cisco I-Prize team our entry was withdrawn from the competition over the weekend prior to the announcement, as my girlfriend works for Cisco.  So another team was announced as the competition winner.

We intend to carry on the discussion with Cisco regarding this idea and maintain the momentum that has been generated so far. As anything emerges we plan to keep you informed (provided that you are interested of course!) with any news that we can share with you but please be aware that sometimes we may not be able to say too much.

We are sure that you can appreciate that we believe that this idea can go much much further in helping solve some of today’s health problems. Once again we really appreciate the support you have all shown to us so far.



If at first you don’t succeed try try again, either that or just give up!..  Marcus Stock July 1st 2010

This is the article published in the Australian Financial review Last week. 22nd June 2010

AFR Newspaper Article Medical data tag a world finalist

I want you all to know that even though the article states that the i-Prize idea was from Innov8 Solutions, the company of which im the managing director, the idea is a joint collaboration between David Cummins and myself, and in no way is the property of  Innov8 Solution Pty Ltd.

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