Information systems

Select and implement the right information systems for your business. Innov8 helps you to reduce the complexity of this process, making it financially worthwhile and stress free.

Image of cutting through a mazeSelecting, implementing and supporting information systems can be complex and risky.

Your whole organisation can be affected. You’ll change the way you work, your culture and how you interact with customers.

The path can be hard or easy, expensive or cost-effective, risky or rewarding.

What makes the difference is careful and detailed research and analysis.

Here’s how Innov8 can help you

Innov8’s comprehensive software selection resources and services are designed to help you through this process.

We use proven methodologies, frameworks and templates that make it easier for you to:

  • select the functionality you need
  • prepare requests for proposal (RFPs) and go to tender
  • select the right vendor for you
  • implement the solution
  • undertake post-implementation support.

We can give you what you need to do it yourself or with help from our consultants.

That means we can help you to:

  • understand your existing infrastructure and map out your business processes
  • define what you need from a new or updated solution, and what you expect to achieve
  • identify possible vendors to evaluate their solutions
  • prepare a request for information (RFI) to select vendors
  • invite vendors for on-site demonstrations and to submit detailed responses (RFPs) to your specific requirements
  • examine proposed solutions, ask vendors to demonstrate how their solutions support your requirements, and evaluate ‘soft’ criteria such as ease-of-use and your general comfort level with each vendor
  • negotiate your contract with the vendor.

And following implementation, Innov8 can help ensure the solution continues to operate as planned through the inevitable changes that will occur in staffing, your business needs and your IT infrastructure.

Find out how you can reduce the complexity of this process, making it financially worthwhile and stress free.