IT strategy

Keep your business ahead of the curve. Innov8 can develop an IT strategy that helps your business to be more sustainable and profitable.

Image of an increasing segmentDo you have an IT strategy that addresses your business goals and capitalises on the tools available to you? Technology enables your business to save money, enhance sustainability, get your products and services to market faster, and provide a richer experience for your customers. Yet we’re at a time which is both frightening and exciting: the incredible speed of networking, the rapid explosion of consumer applications on mobile devices, and the higher demands of computer-literate customers.

Is your business keeping up?

In the last ten years, consumer-based tools have shaped the way we expect technology to act: simple, informative, entertaining and fast. What’s more, the underlying technology has evolved to be quicker, cheaper, more accessible and mobile. Add interactive TV — a combination of desktop computing, gaming and broadcast TV experiences — and you have another consumer tool that can drive the expectations of your customers and the way they interact with you. It means now, more than ever, you need to use technology as a tool to drive your business and your customers’ experience. But you can’t afford to wait and see what your competition does.

Take advantage and be ahead of the curve

Developing your IT strategy is about understanding where your market is, what you offer it and how to service it. Then, it’s about determining how to make the most of available technology so that you reach or exceed your goals. Innov8 can develop an IT strategy to help you:

  • make your IT infrastructure efficient and sustainable
  • build and maintain IT infrastructure which is cost-effective and agile
  • measure the value of IT to your organisation and help ensure it will meet your future business needs.

The right strategy to make a difference where you need it

We analyse your systems and help you plan what to do and when to do it. That way you’re able to implement core efficiency strategies such as:

  • IT consolidation to reduce your carbon footprint and manage your infrastructure more efficiently
  • IT transformation for your business to become more agile and responsive
  • virtualisation for better return on your IT spend
  • cloud computing to take advantage of software as a service (SaaS) or infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • reduced energy usage — even while you may be increasing the temperature in your data centre — to be more sustainable and reduce costs
  • compliance with regulations applicable to your business
  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) adoption as an underlying methodology for more effective management of your IT services
  • business sustainability initiatives which align with your organisation’s initiatives for corporate social responsibility and the environment.

Innov8 works with the vendors and service providers of the technologies you need. And we have the knowledge and skills to adapt these technologies to suit your business.

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