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Information Technology has been one of the most significant drivers in the advancement in the quality of life since the middle of the 20th century. The continuing advances in communications technology, accessibility to the internet, and information management systems will continue to drive even more change in the 21st century. It is clear that not only will information technology be at the core of an organisations sustainability objectives but will be integral to achieving the profit and other objectives of any organisation’s business strategy.

We focus on explaining how sustainable information technology and information technology for sustainability are two very different but integrated concepts. The conundrum of addressing the need to reduce the energy usage and carbon emissions (i.e. the greening of IT) in, for example, data centres, and at the same time recognising the need to increase the use of information, monitoring and measurement systems for emissions and other sustainability reporting, is taxing the will and skills of most organisations today.

Our approach

An ethical, profitable path to sustainable IT
Our approach to sustainable, economically justifiable IT infrastructure is threefold:

  1. Environmental responsibility
  2. Compliance with government regulations
  3. Profitability through operational improvement, cost reductions, and investments in alternative energy sources

Our phased approach has short term goals, medium term goals and long term goals. This supports immediate efforts toward regulatory compliance. It also positions you for a strong environmental profile and reduced carbon footprint over the long term.

Sustainability project lifecycle

The sustainable IT project lifecycle has 3 components: assessment, planning, and implementation. Measuring effectiveness is a critical process across all stages.


  • Calculate carbon footprint
  • Baseline current energy usage
  • Determine costs of carbon credits or permits
  • Establish green IT policies and standards
  • Align green IT strategy with corporate environmental policies


  • Develop detailed road map
  • Develop detailed data centre remediation and optimisation project plan
  • Develop a marketing and communications plan
  • Develop a project budget


  • Optimise rack architecture
  • Optimise air flow
  • Optimise perforated tile layout
  • Optimise floor plan


  • Consolidate
  • LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
  • Our services help you establish the true value of your IT infrastructure: financial costs, environmental harm and safety.

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