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Image of checklistIt is truer today than ever before that Technology is the enabler for business to save money, enhance sustainability, get us to market faster and provide a richer customer experience – just to name a few.

With the incredible speed of networking, the rapid explosion of consumer applications on mobile devices and the higher demands of computer literate customers we are in both a frightening and exciting position. By this I mean if we get it right and use technology as a tool to drive business and customer experience we will win. If we ignore it and see what the competition does then we will simply fade away.

If you look at the last ten years we have seen the introduction of many consumer based tools that have started to shape the way we all expect technology to act – simple, informative, entertaining and fast. The underlying technology has continued to evolve and be faster cheaper and mare accessible.

Google, Facebook, Skype and the mobile application offerings to name a few. It’s normal now to see people interacting using these tools on mobile devices.
Add Interactive TV’s that combine the PC, gaming and TV experience and we have another consumer tool that can drive the expectations of your clients as they interact with you. Being able to talk to your TV and be validated by face and voice recognition as you get about your day will just be the start.

So how will you take advantage of this and get on the front of the curve?
We are in a position where we are working with the providers of these and other technologies (virtualisation, cloud etc) and have experience in adapting them to business in a formatted and measurable manner.

The same old disciplines of understanding where your market is, what you offer them and how to service them still remain. Now we have new technologies to deploy to ensure you reach or exceed your goals.

Do you have a strategy that understands your goals and the tools available to capitalise. We would be more than happy to bring our experience and expertise to the table.
We are Innov8 both by name and nature and look forward to rising to the challenge.
What are your thoughts?

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