Technical document review

Make the right impression with polished technical documents. Innov8 can review and edit your documents so they inform, engage and hit the mark.

Image of a push pinYou’re a specialist in your field.

That doesn’t automatically make you a specialist in documentation.

But, most likely, you’re preparing and working on documents every day.

Project specs. Operations material. Procurement documents, like RFIs and RFPs. Reports. White papers.
And more.

You can’t afford to have a document that doesn’t read well and look great. Or a document that isn’t accurate. Or a document that makes it look like you don’t know what you’re talking about.

It could make you and your business look bad.

It could lead to costly rework.

It could lose you a client.

There’s no substitute for the right skills to help you put together documents that are well written and well presented to really showcase your skills and knowledge.

Give your documents the winning edge

Innov8 can help you improve the quality of your technical documents by:

  • reviewing your content to provide expert feedback from our technical specialists
  • editing content to make it informative and engaging, giving it structure and narrative, clarity and consistency
  • formatting and laying out content to comply with your brand guidelines and to make your work more engaging and visually appealing.

The amount of work involved depends on the quality of the writing and how the content’s been put together. It may just need a tweak. It may need to be completely restructured.

The main thing is that we make it easier to read and understand.

We can make a difference to your:

  • procurement documents
  • operations documents
  • project documents
  • technical reports
  • briefing papers
  • white papers
  • case studies.
Ask Innov8 to give your technical documents a little polish. Your readers will thank you for it.