The measure of a data centre

Image of CRN panel membersWith so many more businesses now utterly dependent on technology — while also flocking to the cloud — it’s little wonder the humble data centre is emerging as a treasured asset.

Marcus Stock, Innov8’s Managing Director, along with a number of the industry’s leading experts on data centre building and management were invited by CRN for an intelligent and enlightening discussion about the IT challenges and opportunities facing organisations today, and what we can expect to see in the data centre tomorrow.

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The panellists were:

  • Jacques Tesson, CEO, DPSA
  • Jason Rylands, data centre architect, DPSA
  • Paul Tyrer, managing director, Schneider IT Business (APC)
  • Andrew Sylvester, data centre software sales manager, Schneider IT Business (APC)
  • Trevor Voss, chief technology officer, Linktech
  • Greg Boorer, managing director, Canberra Data Centres
  • Marcus Stock, managing director, Innov8

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