Secret CIO #3: Smartphone applications

As requested by our readers, we are continuing to publish interviews with Sven, our secret CIO. Sven’s  monthly interview is intended to keep you up-to-date and informed of his views on current topics. Utilising your feedback and comments via the secret CIO ... Continue reading

Secret CIO #2: Mergers and acquisitions

Some say his suits are made from recycled vendor proposals and that he can hear a sales rep’s heart beat as soon as they close the cab door. We just know him as the Sven. I meet with the Sven, the Secret CIO, today to discuss the ins and outs of mergers ... Continue reading

Secret CIO #1: Vendor expectations

Some say he creates hot spots in his data centre to use as a tanning salon. Others say he thinks a CRAC unit is a gathering of brickies. We just know him as Sven. Welcome to the first of many interviews where Sven will speak about what makes a CIO ... Continue reading

Introducing the secret CIO

Let me start by saying that it is a huge privilege to be able to bring you our Tame CIO. In order to protect his identity, and so he can keep his job, we've changed his name. Some said we should follow an Australian theme and call him  Stevo or Davo. ... Continue reading